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Our two main beliefs at Visionary have always been to produce bowling balls that work for the general public – not just the pros, and to release new balls that fill a performance void in our line such as hook, length, back end reaction, etc. In an effort to expand on these visions, we are taking a new step towards filling the needs of tournament players as well as the average everyday bowler. For the first 5,000 applicants world wide, Visionary will be offering a chance to purchase a membership into the official “Visionary Test Staff”. In exchange for input and reviews about the products tested, you will have the opportunity to purchase Visionary balls and accessories at special prices and will receive all mailings, flyers, catalogs and updates as they are released.

LevelCostReceiveSpecial Benefits
Bronze$100Membership Only50% off suggested retail on bowling balls
30- 50% off sugg. retail on all accessories
1 ball of choice***
1 shirt of choice
50% off suggested retail on bowling balls
30- 50% off sugg. retail on all accessories
* entered into special drawings
2 balls of choice***
Choice of 1 shirt OR 1-Two Ball Pro Tote
50% off suggested retail on bowling balls
30- 50% off sugg. retail on all accessories
* entered into special drawings
** free shipping & handling on future orders
---(** U.S. - Contiguous 48 States only)
4 balls***
2 shirts
1 towel

2 - Pro Tote bag
50% off suggested retail on bowling balls
30- 50% off sugg. retail on all accessories
* entered into special drawings
** free shipping & handling on future orders
---(** U.S. - Contiguous 48 States only)

*There will be drawings from each division stated above (Silver, Gold, & Platinum) and winners will receive a free renewal for the following year as well as one of each new ball released that year.

**Gold & Platinum members in the U.S. – Contiguous 48 States only do not pay S&H charges unless express shipping is requested.

***Drilling is not included or offered by Visionary for free items or additional ball purchases. Memberships for any classification are for one year only starting at the date of purchase and may be renewed each year for $50. The initial free items are not included in the renewal but the benefits specific to the division will remain in effect. We accept MC, VISA, Money Orders, Cashiers Checks, and personal checks (must clear first, $20 charge for returned checks). All amounts shown are in US dollars. Make payable to “Visionary Bowling Products”.

1) Since this is for testing and informational purposes, Visionary wants to accommodate the Pro Shops who drill the balls for the test staff. Members must fill out a form and present it to the pro shop who drills their bowling ball so the shop can earn Visionary “credit” towards future purchases ($15 credit is earned for drilling a high end ball, $10 for drilling a low-mid priced ball). Drilling is not included with the price of the balls and is not offered as a service by Visionary. Individuals (non-pro shop operators) who drill their own equipment are not eligible for this credit.

2) Only two of each item may be purchased by a member (initial membership items do count towards the 2 items.) Each shirt, towel, or ball is a different item. Bags are determined by the type, not color – 2 totes total are allowed, etc. (Not two of each color). Additional memberships can be purchased for each family member. Extra Bronze memberships are available for $50 to immediate family members in the same household only.

1) A review must be done for each ball acquired. This can be done on any of the Internet ball review sites or can be mailed to us if you don’t have Internet access. You agree to let us use your review in flyers or other mailings. They will help us determine what balls are working best on different conditions and what we need to develop.

2) The value of each membership depends solely on the individual’s purchases. The more you buy, the more you save!!!

All orders are shipped within 3-5 working days unless an item is back-ordered, whereas the member will be notified and the item(s) will ship ASAP. All orders (including initial membership items) are shipped standard ground shipping (FedEx) or most basic shipping outside the US with the member paying shipping charges. Gold and Platinum members in the US – contiguous 48 states do not pay shipping for items shipped standard ground. Express shipping available for all members at an additional fee.

1) Memberships are available world wide and allow access to Visionary products in areas that don’t currently handle or readily stock the equipment.

2) Members are notified by e-mail or regular mail of news, new products, and other information.

Extra Bonus
Every new member you recruit (any classification) earns you $10 credit of “Visionary Money” for future purchases – Just fill out the “Recruited By” section on each form before they apply.

Browse our site for the balls, bags, and accessories available. A complete catalog, special price list, and additional membership information will be mailed to you as soon as your application is processed.


Test Staff Application Sheet

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