The GLADIATOR core takes a candy wrapper shape and adds a “MOHAWK” to produce a mild mass bias and better pin positions. The med-low RG ball with a medium differential creates a good midlane roll with a continuous arc reaction on the backend. With similar characteristics but a more durable cover – anyone who liked the Executioner line should love the Gladiators.

newbreed-lineNew Breed

Utilizing the new Serpentine core in combination with our Drakonian coverstock. These two balls get through the front clean but offer a stronger & sharper break than the Gladiator line. Designed to handle virtually all house conditions. The New Breed Solid will cut through the oil, while the pearl provides more length with a sharper break. With similar but improved characteristics – anyone who likes the Gryphon line should love the New Breed.


The OGRE core is the final modification of the design used in the Centaur/AMB/Immortal lines. Anyone who’s thrown the Green/Blue Centaur and any of the AMBs or Immortals would have experienced first hand the tremendous differences created by the placement and densities of the various caps. The single flip cap design produces more flare than the Green/Blue Centaur but less than the Immortals and AMBs.