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Visionary Bowling Products | A New Approach To Bowling Balls

Spotlight on VBP Staffer Clark Poelzer

Clark Poelzer (VBP staffer) of Arden Hills, MN wins 60 & Over Senior High Roller!  After making it through qualifying using a combination of Visionary equipment including the TCBA Classic, Clark was ready for match play.  Once there, he faced a former High Roller Champion in each and every round.  Though it was no easy [...]


‘Test Staff’ Members Wanted

Our two main beliefs at Visionary have always been to produce bowling balls that work for the general public – not just the pros, and to release new balls that fill a performance void in our line such as hook, length, back end reaction, etc. In an effort to expand on these visions, we are [...]


Congrats to Rick Cheshier!

On December 17th Rick Cheshier showed up to bowl in the American League 2013 at Holiday Lanes in Bossier City, LA as he normally would.  However, that night would be anything but normal.
Rick got out his favorite ball, the Visionary Spartan, and began his night.  He started with a very respectable 258.  Rick said, “I [...]


Continued Success for Tom Frigon

After a year with several top three finishes, Tom Frigon found his way back into the Phoenix Classic Bowlers Association winner’s circle at the final tournament of 2012. Tom came on strong after the initial qualifying round, improving with each round and culminating with a convincing 269 – 216 victory in the final match. [...]